✦ Dră K-Dăbră unique jewelry

that combines magic, nature & spirituality ✦

By wearing my jewelry, you will be able to feel the magic of nature & the universe, which will inspire you to develop your own spirituality and discover your inner magic.

Strongly connected to nature & its energies, I have chosen to work with natural stones to enhance this connection and pass it on to my clients.

By wearing my creations, it is possible to reconnect with one's own inner power & explore new paths to achieve personal well-being.

My name is Sandra, but I am better known as Dră.
My soul is that of a wanderer, deeply connected to nature and its energies. I am amazed by all that it can offer me, the peace it brings me, and the beauty it inspires me.

My passion for stones dates back a long way. One day, I was looking for a way to wear them more closely, in order to fully benefit from their magical powers. That's when I discovered micro-macrame, a technique with which I felt very comfortable and that allowed me to bring my ideas to life and transmit my emotions through my creations. Since that day, I have not stopped creating and I have had the deep desire to share my creations with the world.
And that's how my business Dra k-dabra was born.

My jewelry is made with strong and durable linhasita thread, woven around stones that I carefully choose.
I also add different symbols, such as the Metatron cube, the flower of life,
or the Lotus flower, ... to reinforce the energy of each of my pieces.
Each creation is unique, as I make them with all my heart, energy, and purest intentions.

My wish is that, when you wear one of these pieces, you reconnect with your own inner magic, establish a deep connection with nature, and explore your spirituality and intuition.

It's not just an accessory, you will connect with a deep and positive energy and you can feel the power of nature and the universe.

Lithotherapy, stone healing, can be a valuable ally for your well-being, but don't forget that it does not replace medical treatment.
If needed, consult your doctor.

Join me on this magical journey, let yourself be transported by the energy of my creations and reconnect with your own inner magic.
It's time to take care of yourself !

I'm so excited to share this adventure with you !